New Book Encourages Us to Stop Craving Happiness
New Book Encourages Us to Stop Craving Happiness

Sydney, Mar 5, 2018 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Once in a while a book comes along that rocks our view of happiness. A new mental health, happiness book written by Iggy Tan titled "Stop Craving Happiness" was launched in Perth. This book explains how a simple, powerful mind training technique can lead us to 10/10 happiness.

The pursuit of happiness is a universal objective for every human being. We all want to be truly happy but the irony is that we constantly push happiness out of our reach. We delay our own happiness to the future by waiting for people, things and events to meet our expectations. Yet our expectations are rarely ever met, which is part of the reason why true happiness is so elusive. If we continue waiting, we will never reach the place of pure peace, contentment, joy and bliss.

Happiness is an internal state of mind and therefore has nothing to do with our external environment. The more you 'pursue' happiness, the less you will likely find it. The key to happiness has always been in us; in our mind. In order for us to be 10/10 happy we need to tame the turbulence in our mind caused by the relentless mental chatter and suffering. Ancient philosophy states that the existence of personal cravings and aversions in our minds creates mental turbulence. Consequently, by reducing the cravings and aversions we suffer less mentally and our overall happiness improves. While most of us would agree with the fundamentals of this concept, the challenge is how to achieve this in our modern, hectic and material world. The author of this book has developed Happiness Sweeping(R), a mind training technique that has helped many of its participants dramatically improve their personal happiness and overall sense of well-being.

The book's simple but effective guided routine will help lots of people to succeed according to Australian television legend Tony Barber. "Where was this book when I was sailing the storm tossed seas of showbiz, with all its stress, competitiveness and pressure...I reckon I would have won even more Logies and made even more gold albums." Australian super coach Dr Ric Charlesworth believes the most important thing that athletes must do to perform well in the cauldron of competition is to focus on the task and let the outcome look after itself. "Clearly Iggy understands this need to 'live in the moment' and not obsess about (or fear) the outcome. This allows us to 'be' and 'do' rather than worry and fret", he said.

The book demonstrates real life examples of people who continue to experience extremely challenging life situations and yet maintain outstanding happiness levels. "Stop Craving Happiness" should be on your "must read" list for the year.

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