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Oct 22, 2014



Minotaur Exploration Limited Company Summary

 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) specialises in application of cutting-edge geophysical techniques to locate virgin mineralisation deep below the surface. Often, economic mineral deposits are contained within basement rocks, buried below several hundred metres of transported cover (overburden) and cannot be located through surface exploration methods such as soil sampling, geochemical assays and drilling. Minotaur’s remote sensing and interpretative approach has proven very successful.

The directors and management of Minotaur each have around 30 years of exploration, mining and mineral resource experience and are eminently qualified in their respective fields of expertise. Under their direction, Minotaur has earned a strong reputation for technical excellence and a high profile within the Australian resources sector.

Minotaur is actively exploring IOCG style targets in Australia, where geophysics have identified numerous sub-surface anomalies prospective for copper-gold mineralisation. Each of these represents a possible Prominent Hill type orebody. Numerous other targets that are ready for drilling are prospective for base metals such as zinc, lead, copper.


Derek Carter - BSc, MSc, FAusIMM (CP)
Derek Carter has over 40 years experience in exploration and mining geology and management. He held senior positions in the Shell Group of Companies and Burmine Ltd before founding Minotaur Gold Ltd in 1993 and is currently Chairman of Minotaur Exploration. He is the Chairman of Petratherm Ltd, and a board member of Mithril Resources Ltd and Toro Energy Ltd (all ASX Listed entities), and the AusIMM. He is a member of the South Australian Resources Industry Development Board and the South Australian Minerals and Petroleum Experts Group. He served as Chairman of the Minerals Exploration Advisory Group; as Vice President and later President of the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy, and was a board member of the Australian Gold Council. He was awarded AMEC's Prospector of the Year Award (jointly) in 2003, is a Centenary medalist and was recently honored with the President's Award from the AusIMM. As Chairman of Minotaur Exploration Ltd, he is responisble for the management of the Board as well as the general strategic direction of the Company.
Andrew Woskett - B Civ Eng, M. Common Law, FAusIMM
Managing Director
Andrew Woskett has over 30 years project and corporate experience in the mining industry. He has had senior responsibility for a variety of Australian mining landmarks, including development of the Kalgoorlie Super Pit, Kanowna Belle and Marymia gold mines and numerous expansions of the Bougainville copper/gold mine. He advised on development strategies for the proposed open pit expansion of the Olympic Dam mine and formulated several new significant iron ore projects in Western Australia. In his prior role as Managing Director of Ballart Goldfields he consolidated five regional goldfields under single ownership and initiated the first modern underground mine development beneath Ballarat. Mr Woskett was the founding managing director of Spitfire Oil Ltd, a coal-to-liquids developer, which he listed on AIM. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and has a Masters in Commercial Law.
Richard Bonython - B Ag Sc
Non Executive Director
Richard Bonython was a director of Minotaur Gold Ltd for seven years before retiring in 2001, was a director of Minotaur Resources Ltd before it was acquired by Oxiana Ltd (now OZ Minerals Ltd) in 2005 and retired as Chairman of Diamin Resources NL in 1999 having been a director of that company for 15 years. He was executive director of Pioneer Property Group Ltd for over 15 years and has experience of over 45 years in the buidling, rural and mineral industries. He is a member of the audit committee and provides administration services to the company. He is also a director of Mithril Resources Ltd and Petratherm Ltd (both ASX Listed entities).
Antonio Belperio - BSc (Hons), PhD FAusIMM
Exploration Director
Dr Belperio has an Honours Degree in Geology from the University of Adelaide, a PhD from James Cook University, and a diverse background in a wide variety of geological disciplines, including marine geology, environmental geology and mineral exploration. He has 35 years of experience in university, goverment and the mineral exploration industry, This has included senior positions in the South Australian Department of Minerals and Energy where he led the regional geological investigations group and was pivotal in the Department's move to digital geological information systems. Dr Belperio has been Chief Geologist of the Minotaur Group since 1997, when it originated as Minotaur Gold, subsequently Minotaur Resources and currently Minotaur Exploration. He played a key role in the strategic area and target selection, and the exploraiton program that led to the iron oxide copper-gold discovery at Prominent Hill, 130 kilometres northwest of the Olympic Dam mine in South Australia and was awarded (jointly) AMEC's Prospector of the Year Award in 2003. He was recently awarded the Bruce Webb Medal by the South Australian Division of the Geological Society of Australia for his contributions to Earth Sciences, He is a Non-Executive Director of ASX listed Thomson Resources Ltd (ASX code TMZ).
Donald Stephens - BAcc, FCA
Company Secretary
Donald Stephens is a Chartered Accountant and corporate advisor with over 25 years experience in the accounting industry, including 14 years as a partner of HLB Mann Judd (SA) Pty Ltd, Chartered Accountants. He is a director of Papyrus Australia Ltd, Mithril Resources Ltd and CRW Holdings Ltd and is company secretary to Toro Energy Ltd and Petratherm Ltd. He holds other public company secretarial postions and directorships with private companies and provides corporate advisory services to a wide range of organisations.






Company Headquarters 247 Greenhill Road 
    DULWICH SA 5065 
Company Telephone +61-8-8366-6000 
Company Fax +61-8-8366-6001 
Company Principal Sector Materials 
Company Principal Industry Mining & Metals 
Company Listed 2005/02/24 
Company Homepage www.minotaurexploration.com.au

Key Developments: Minotaur Exploration Limited
 Thomson Resources Limited (ASX:TMZ) New Copper Targets Revealed by VTEM Survey
SEP 17, 2014 09:02 - Article Views: 1,144
Thomson Resources Limited (ASX:TMZ) completed an extensive, 564 line kilometre, airborne "VTEM" survey (Versatile Time-domain Electro Magnetics) in June 2014 over some of its key prospects within NSW. The survey targeted volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits ("VMS") at the Havilah and Byrock projects.
 Thomson Resources Limited (ASX:TMZ) Quarterly Activities Report
JULY 31, 2014 14:03 - Article Views: 809
Thomson Resources Limited (ASX:TMZ) provide the Quarterly Activities Report for the period ending June 2014 with significant highlights.
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Boardroom Radio Interview
SEP 4, 2013 10:02 - Article Views: 1,332
Minotaur Exploration (ASX:MEP) is pleased to provide investors with an opportunity to listen to an audio interview with Mr Andrew Woskett, Managing Director, on Boardroom Radio (BRR).
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Initial Copper-Gold Drill Results for Osborne Project
SEP 2, 2013 09:31 - Article Views: 1,585
Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) announce that the inaugural drill testing of four new copper-gold targets within the Osborne Project, 160km south of Cloncurry, Queensland, was completed.
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Inaugural Drilling Underway At Osborne Project
AUG 5, 2013 10:02 - Article Views: 1,828
Drill testing of four new targets for copper-gold mineralisation within the Osborne Project, ~160 km south of Cloncurry, Queensland, has commenced. The four-hole diamond drill program (totalling 1,500 m) initiates Minotaur's inaugural drill investigation of geophysical targets on its Osborne Project tenements.
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Boardroom Radio Interview
AUG 2, 2013 12:24 - Article Views: 1,648
Minotaur Exploration (ASX:MEP) is pleased to provide investors with an opportunity to listen to an audio interview with Mr Andrew Woskett, Managing Director, on Boardroom Radio (BRR).
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Press Release Bidder's Statement Issued
AUG 1, 2013 10:30 - Article Views: 1,848
Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) has lodged its Bidder's Statement with ASX and ASIC in relation to its Offer to acquire no less than 90% of the shares in Breakaway Resources Limited (ASX:BRW) (Breakaway).
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Bidders Statement to acquire Breakaway Resources Ltd
AUG 1, 2013 08:24 - Article Views: 1,486
Further to Minotaur Exploration Limited's (ASX:MEP) proposed takeover offer for Breakaway Resources Limited (Breakaway) announced to ASX on 15 July 2013 and pursuant to step 5 in section 633(1) of the Corporations Act, a copy of Minotaur's bidder's statement is attached.
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Scotia Tenements Purchased From Breakaway
JULY 29, 2013 09:25 - Article Views: 1,753
Minotaur Exploration Ltd (ASX:MEP) advises its 50% owned subsidiary1 Minotaur Gold Solutions Ltd ('MinAuSol') has completed its acquisition from Breakaway Resources Ltd ('Breakaway', ASX:BRW) and its wholly owned subsidiary Scotia Nickel Pty Ltd of the Scotia tenements in Western Australia.
 Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) Audio Interview Regarding Breakaway Resources Takeover
JULY 16, 2013 09:48 - Article Views: 1,235
Minotaur Exploration (ASX:MEP) is pleased to provide investors with an opportunity to listen to an audio interview with Mr. Andrew Woskett, Managing Director, on Boardroom Radio (BRR).


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