Renowned Attorney Turned Poet, Jim Bill Keenan, Unveils His Latest Masterpiece "Poetry near a Lawyer"

🕔4/17/2024 10:27:18 PM

James W. "Jim Bill' Keenan, the retired Attorney at Law whose poetic prowess has captured the hearts of many, proudly announces the release of his fourth book, "Poetry near a Lawyer".

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Ron Norton Reel Shares Moving Story of Educator's Ordeals, Achievements

🕔4/17/2024 6:14:48 PM

Ron Norton Reel's "Overcoming All Odds Three: What Students Taught Me" is the third installment of his recollections as an educator and how these experiences also taught him invaluable life lessons.

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COLD TAPES: Winter Over – A format shattering True-Crime Style Audio Game set in the Frozen World of an Antarctic Winter

🕔4/16/2024 9:54:50 AM

Free Turn Entertainment today announced the release of “COLD TAPES: Winter Over”, a brand new type of audio entertainment that combines the twists and turns of a ‘real-life’ murder investigation with the challenge and enjoyment of a murder mystery game.

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Blog Article Reveals Paranormal 'Channeling' Phenomena Evidence Incl. 16 Videos

🕔4/8/2024 1:00:00 PM

"'Channeling' Phenomena Evidence for Scientists, Journalists and Anyone Uninformed or Misinformed (Including 16 Example Videos)" is the new article that makes it possible for readers to place in perspective the form of transcendental communication today known as 'channeling.

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Talking Kinky, Indie Podcast, Soars into the UK's Top 10 Sexuality Charts

🕔4/5/2024 4:56:52 PM

Talking Kinky, the compelling Indie talk show podcast, co-hosted by the vibrant duo of Isabelle Brown and Tom Flynn, has not only leaped into the UK Top 10 on all three UK Sexuality Podcast Ranking Platforms but has also captured the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide.

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Unveiling 'Rattlesnakes on the Floor' - A Powerful Journey Through Schizoaffective Disorder and Triumph"

🕔4/4/2024 7:09:48 PM

Geologist and author Dr. E. Kirsten Peters discloses her deeply personal journey through 60 years of living with the challenges of schizoaffective disorder in her new memoir “Rattlesnakes on the Floor: A Successful Life on the Schizophrenic Spectrum.

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THE BUK SHOP: Binging on Bukowski

🕔4/4/2024 6:11:35 PM

Mike Sharon’s obsession with collecting Charles Bukowski began when his wife surprised him with a signed Bukowski manuscript for his 40th birthday. He'd been reading Bukowski since he was in college but had no idea someone could actually purchase an original manuscript.

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