Exploring Clientron Latest Endpoint Security Products, Smart Cockpit of EV and POS Systems at Taipei COMPUTEX 2024

🕔5/27/2024 6:17:27 AM

COMPUTEX 2024 is a global high-technology exhibition from June 4th to 7th at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei. This year, Clientron will be showcasing its latest products and solutions across three main product lines: "Secure Thin Client Solution," "Smart Cockpit of Electric Vehicle," and "Smart Retail POS System" to comprehensively demonstrate its product development and innovations over the years.

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Author Valerie Walker Releases Heartwarming New Children's Book "Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm"

🕔5/25/2024 12:30:00 AM

Valerie Walker, an acclaimed author of children’s books, proudly announces the release of her latest book, Hedley the Hoglet of Sunbury Farm. Set in the picturesque countryside of Wales, this enchanting story is sure to capture the hearts of young readers and their families.

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Lyle Simpson pens a thought-provoking narrative, “Fully Human/Fully Alive”

🕔5/24/2024 11:42:22 PM

Lyle Simpson’s captivating book “Fully Human/Fully Alive” helps individuals build their own bridges over the barriers that are preventing people from living a full life.

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Eugenia Eberle pens a heartwarming children’s book, “Vignettes From The Lovely House”

🕔5/21/2024 7:34:17 PM

Eugenia Eberle, in partnership with ARPress, published the captivating children’s book “Vignettes From The Lovely House.” "Vignettes From The Lovely House" features ten short stories about animals, highlighting the value of strong family ties and the enchantment of bringing generations together.

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Rayvanny Ft Dream Doll “Shake Shake” Is The Song Of The Summer

🕔5/21/2024 6:59:45 PM

Rayvanny, the talented singer, songwriter, and producer from Tanzania, has just released a brand new track called "Shake Shake" featuring the amazing American rapper, DreamDoll.

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“The Monkey Tree” by Michele Heeney explores humor, grief, reflection, anger, and curiosity through poetry

🕔5/21/2024 6:28:12 PM

“The Monkey Tree” by Michele Heeney is a published book, the fruit of the author’s dedication and passion. Author Reputation Press (AR Press) is honored to be the publisher of this insightful work.

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New Book Unveils a Practical Blueprint for Adults and Leaders that Cultivates Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age

🕔5/17/2024 8:13:00 AM

In today's rapidly evolving digital world, emotional intelligence (EQ) is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity. To help adults and leaders navigate this complex landscape, renowned psychologist Michelle van Namen BA(Hons) Psych announces the release of her new book, "Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age: A Psychologist's DIGITAL EQ Blueprint for Adults & Leaders to Thrive in a Radically Changing World".

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