turkish olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

turkish olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil oliveoilsland

turkish olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OliveOilsLand offers a wide range of Turkish olive oils. Its Extra Virgin Olive Oil holds a special place for true olive oil connoisseurs.

İZMİR, TORBALı, TüRKIYE, May 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ --
In the world of olive oils, one often thinks of the Mediterranean giants: Italy, Greece, or Spain. And yet, they can all trace their origins to Anatolia - modern-day Turkey. Here lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by true olive oil connoisseurs – Turkish extra virgin olive oil.

Bursting with rich flavor and centuries-old tradition, Turkish olive oil holds a special place on the global stage. The diverse terroir, from the Aegean to the Marmara region, yields a spectrum of delightful flavors, each with its own specific, complex profile.

Hailing from the Aegean region, OliveOilsLand’s extra virgin olive oil displays the rich and subtle flavor notes characteristic of the soil here. It is, truly, the best representative of the olive oil production traditions that have survived for millennia.

Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Well-Rounded Complex Flavor, Robust Undertones

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the signature product of OliveOilsLand and the crown jewel of its production line.

Each bottle is created with great care and aims to act as the representative for the true pure flavor of high-quality Turkish olive oil. Every batch is scrupulously quality-controlled and only reaches a customer’s hand if it adheres to the high standards implemented for the process from the first to the last step.

OliveOilsLand has a complex, sharp aroma. The dominant notes are of freshly mown grass and nuttiness reminiscent of almonds. Once the aroma opens further, more subtle notes of green apples, tomato stems, banana peals, artichokes, and the like: fresh green vegetation with a slight bitterness that enhances the experience of the sensory experience without dominating it.

The flavor of this EVOO is medium-intense. It is somewhat harsh but doesn’t overwhelm or burn the palate. Nutty, slightly bitter notes of almonds and green olives and the zestiness of black pepper are dominant in the flavor but what follows is a smooth, pleasant aftertaste. This complexity of aromas and flavors makes OliveOilsLand’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil an exemplary choice for people interested in the unique flavor qualities of Turkish olive oils. There’s freshness and a touch of harshness to both at the start but it mellows out little by little, leaving only typical slight zing behind.

How OliveOilsLand EVOO is Made:

There’s no great secret to the production method, on the contrary - OliveOilsLand prefers the traditional ways. The traditional process may be long and laborious, but it’s also well-tested by the centuries. Taking the time and carefully inspecting ingredients to produce a batch instead of simplifying and expediting the process at the cost of quality is at the core of the OliveOilsLand production process.

All OliveOilsLand products are fully natural, made with olives grown at local groves. The quality control process begins even before the olives are planted, with the groves’ soil. Once the olive tree is grown, the soil is checked again, along with the tree’s leaves. Olives can only be fit for harvesting if a test shows that the tree is healthy, with sufficient levels of important nutrients.

Once the olives are harvested and checked for quality, they are crushed in stone mills. Then the crushed mass is passed through the 2-phase production system. The 2-phase decanter ensures that most of the phenolic compounds remain in olive oil since there is no water inlet. After the olive oil is pressed, it’s bottled and stored protected from light and oxygen. Properly secured storage is key to both its flavor and the high vitamin and polyphenol content, ensuring that the product maintains its quality standards from the day it was pressed to the day it’s delivered to the shelves.

Using Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Turkish olive oil is known for being particularly rich in polyphenols. The high polyphenol content is one of the biggest benefits of using olive oil in the diet. Polyphenols (not all, but many of them) are strong antioxidants. Consuming them can help neutralize harmful free radicals, and help avoid the potential damage they could cause to the cells.

Adding olive oil to one’s cooking is often recommended as a preventative for conditions like cognitive deterioration, cardiovascular diseases, and even some forms of cancer. Turkish olive oil, traditionally high in polyphenols, is ideally suited for the job.

Proper use of extra virgin olive oil isn't just a kitchen staple that could take your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s highly versatile and can easily elevate a dish without much work on the cook’s part. A robust flavor burst for marinates and sauces, it can take tossing together a quick salad or marinating a piece of meat to a restaurant-quality meal. Fat is, according to many a professional chef, the big secret behind restaurant cooking. Extra fat adds extra flavor to the dish - and with extra virgin olive oil that fat comes with health benefits.

From Aegean For Your Health
OliveOilsLand stands apart from other companies its size or age due to a deeply personal history spanning eight decades and multiple regions.

Originating as a small family venture post-World War I, it began in Turkey's Akhisar region, steeped in centuries of olive oil tradition. The family absorbed the traditional Turkish oil-making methods after moving from Rhodes to Akhisar provided invaluable lessons and incorporated them into the business. After Relocating to Izmir, they continued their craft, adhering unwaveringly to tradition. Selecting groves meticulously and maintaining high standards propelled the small business to prominence nationally and globally. Today, OliveOilsLand is a leading producer, cultivating olives across Northern Izmir. Despite its growth, the company remains true to its roots, preserving the time-honored principles learned from Akhisar's legacy.

It’s no accident that the motto of OliveOilLand is ”From Aegean For Your Health.” The company has the ambition to produce the best Turkish olive oil on the market. And the secret to the best Turkish oil is simple: it must be made from high-quality olives, taste great, be nutritious, and be rich in vitamins and polyphenols.

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