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OxiDx significantly expands IP coverage with new patent granted in Japan

OxiDx platform technology secures patent in Japan
OxiDx platform technology secures patent in Japan

Perth, Sep 4, 2023 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (googlechartASX:PIQ) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary OxiDx Pty Ltd (OxiDx; the Company) has been granted a patent in Japan for its platform technology to measure oxidative stress. The patent marks the first of a new family of patents for OxiDx's next generation diagnostics technology and is another illustration of Proteomics International's specialist platform technologies.

- First of a new family of patents for the OxiDx technology has been granted in Japan

- OxiDx's next generation diagnostics technology offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring oxidative stress levels using a simple fingerprick blood test

- Oxidative stress has been implicated in many chronic diseases - target applications include chronic fatigue, muscular dystrophy, high-performance athletes and the horse racing industry

Oxidative stress is implicated in over 70 health conditions with levels often reflective of a person's health and fitness.

Proteomics International Managing Director Dr Richard Lipscombe said the patent was a significant milestone towards commercialising OxiDx's ground breaking technology across a range of key markets. "Securing this IP protection in a major jurisdiction like Japan signifies a recognition of the uniqueness of the OxiDx intellectual property and bodes well for the OxiDx's pending patent applications for this technology in other jurisdictions."

Measuring oxidative stress has broad application across multiple markets including as a complementary diagnostic (CDx) test for assessing treatment efficacy and precision medicine by enabling personalised dosing in clinical trials, or as an athletic monitoring tool for competition preparedness and to reduce injuries in the Professional Sports and Horse Racing Industries.

Executive chair of OxiDx, Ian Brown said our technology is already well-proven with over 20 academic publications on its use including in diseases like Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. "We are now embarking on field trials to demonstrate further applicability, initially in high-performance athletes and the horse racing industry. This patent helps ensure OxiDx's technology is secured for many years to come, as we look forward to expanding into multiple markets and revolutionising the way oxidative stress is monitored and managed."

OxiDx uses next generation diagnostics technology, moving beyond measuring protein concentrations to detect subtle changes in protein structures - 'decorations' that sit on the surface of a protein and are known as post-translational modifications. The Company's platform technology measures systemic oxidative stress in a fingerpick blood sample by using a sensitive ratio-metric method to detect protein biomarkers in the blood. Samples can be collected in the home, clinic or on the field with high specificity to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring oxidative stress levels [ASX 22 August 2023].

The Japanese patent (No. 7325436) entitled "Methods for measuring relative oxidation levels of a protein" is valid until March 2039, and is part of a family of new patent applications in all major jurisdictions (see PIQ Annual Report 2023). These new patents, if granted, will greatly extend the lifespan and regional coverage of the Company's existing intellectual property portfolio.

About OxiDx Pty Ltd

OxiDx (Perth, Western Australia) is an independent spin-off by Proteomics International and the University of Western Australia (ASX 29 August 2022), dedicated to developing innovative products for measuring oxidative stress, a condition which has been implicated in multiple health conditions.

OxiDx's patented sentinel platform technology offers high specificity in assessing systemic oxidative stress using a simple fingerpick blood sample. Target applications of the technology currently include high-performance athletes, the horse racing industry and as a complementary diagnostic (CDx) test to support clinical trials.

About Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd

Proteomics International Laboratories LtdProteomics International Laboratories (ASX:PIQ) is a wholly owned subsidiary and trading name of PILL, a medical technology company at the forefront of predictive diagnostics and bioanalytical services. The Company specialises in the area of proteomics - the industrial scale study of the structure and function of proteins. Proteomics International's mission is to improve the quality of lives by the creation and application of innovative tools that enable the improved treatment of disease.



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