Government Halts Reform Decision as Fire Services Levy Persists To Influence Insurance Costs In Tasmania

🕔2/15/2024 8:51:24 AM

The Fire Services Levy is putting heavy loads on Tasmanian residents and businesses as it continues to fund its fire and emergency service through the taxes that customers pay on their insurance, resulting in an elevation in the insurance cost and putting extreme stress on the already stretched budget.

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Interest Rate Rise Was Not A Mistake, Says RBA Governor Michelle Bullock

🕔2/15/2024 8:04:18 AM

In response to the rise of interest rates, the former governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia defended the decision as she issued a stark warning regarding the upcoming developments.

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Board Chair Chris Bridges-Taylor is the First in Australia Awarded the Certificate in Cyber Risk Governance®

🕔2/14/2024 8:00:00 PM

The DCRO Institute, the world's leading source of risk governance training and credentials for board members and C-suite executives, announced today the award of the prestigious Certificate in Cyber Risk Governance® to Chris Bridges-Taylor of Brisbane, Queensland, in Australia.

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Newsmatics Partners with Masaryk University's Faculty of Informatics to Enhance Data Science Capabilities

🕔2/14/2024 2:52:28 PM

Newsmatics, a Washington, D.C.-based news tech company, has announced a new partnership with Masaryk University's Faculty of Informatics, based in Brno, Czech Republic.

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Proteus-Cyber Introduces a Dedicated Module for Swift and Effortless Compliance with the EU Data Act

🕔2/6/2024 1:42:47 PM

The EU Data Act introduces a set of novel regulations governing data access and utilization across all economic sectors within the EU. Its primary objectives include fostering fairness in data value distribution, nurturing a competitive data market, unlocking avenues for data-driven innovation, and enhancing data accessibility for all users.

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Wellness Coach Launches Next Generation EAP Program in partnership with CCA Inc

🕔2/1/2024 2:30:00 PM

Wellness Coach Announces Strategic Partnership with CCA, Inc. to Expand Mental Health Services In response to the growing mental health challenges in the workplace, Wellness Coach, in collaboration with Corporate Counseling Associates, Inc.

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ICA Highlights Challenges In Winding Down of Cheques In Australia

🕔1/31/2024 7:38:40 AM

The Federal government in Australia has announced that it will be closing Australia’s cheque system by 2023. The government announced this decision by following Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and other countries.

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