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Master the Art of Influence with Proven Techniques – Discover "How to Influence Anyone, Anywhere, Every Time" by Renowned Coaches Colin James and Erica Bagshaw

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, May 27, 2024 / -- In a world driven by rapid change and fierce competition, mastering the art of communication is paramount. We are thrilled to announce the release of "How to Influence Anyone, Anywhere, Every Time," an innovative new book by internationally acclaimed communication and leadership coaches Colin James and Erica Bagshaw. This book offers readers the same powerful techniques that the authors have been teaching and mentoring to numerous Fortune 500 companies, enhancing communication and influence to drive success.

The pandemic has dramatically altered our communication channels, reducing attention spans and increasing the difficulty of making impactful connections. "How to Influence Anyone, Anywhere, Every Time" provides a lifeline for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate these challenges with ease and confidence.

Engage, Persuade, Succeed: A Must-Have Guide

In today’s fast-paced environment, the ability to influence others is essential. Whether in the boardroom, conducting sales meetings, or engaging in daily interactions, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. This book equips readers with practical frameworks and techniques to master influence and ensure their messages resonate with power and clarity.

Master the 3 Ds of Communication: Diagnose, Design, Deliver

Colin James and Erica Bagshaw introduce the 3 Ds process for effective communication:

Diagnose: Understand your audience, context, and desired outcomes.
Design: Follow a 12-step framework to tailor your message for maximum impact.
Deliver: Master body language, voice modulation, visual aids, and energy to captivate and persuade any audience.

Why This Book Stands Out

"How to Influence Anyone, Anywhere, Every Time" is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills. Readers will learn to capture and hold attention, build trust, and achieve positive outcomes in any professional setting.

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As world-renowned speaking coaches, Colin James and Erica Bagshaw have transformed the communication strategies of countless professionals and Fortune 500 companies globally. Their methodologies are proven to help individuals wield influence effectively in any context.


"How to Influence Anyone, Anywhere, Every Time" is available now at leading bookstores and online retailers. For more information about the book and the authors, please visit our website -

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About the Authors

Colin James and Erica Bagshaw are globally renowned speaking coaches with decades of experience in training professionals to communicate with impact. Their practical approach and tested methodologies have made them sought-after speakers and trainers in the field of communication and influence.

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