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Fiducian Group Ltd (ASX:FID) Executive Chairman's Address to Shareholders

🕔10/20/2022 9:57:02 AM

As Executive Chairman and on behalf of the directors of Fiducian Group Ltd (ASX:FID), I am pleased to present this report on the consolidated operating performance of Fiducian Group Limited and its controlled operating entities for the year ended 30 June 2022.

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Fiducian Group Ltd (ASX:FID) Half Yearly Results and Financial Report

🕔2/14/2022 8:25:40 AM

The directors of Fiducian Group Ltd (ASX:FID) are pleased to present their report on the consolidated entity consisting of Fiducian Group Limited and its wholly owned operating entities for the half-year ended 31 December 2021.

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Fiducian Group Ltd (ASX:FID) Finalises Completion of PCCU FP Business Acquisition

🕔2/1/2022 2:04:45 PM

Fiducian (ASX:FID) is pleased to announce that Completion has occurred in the acquisition of the financial planning business of People's Choice Credit Union (PCCU), as announced on 3 November 2021.

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Fiducian Group Ltd (ASX:FID) Acquires People's Choice Credit Union's $1.1 Billion Financial Planning Business

🕔11/5/2021 5:28:50 PM

In a high profile acquisition, Fiducian Financial Services (FFS), financial planning subsidiary of Fiducian Group Limited (Fiducian) was selected by the People's Choice Credit Union (PCCU) as the successful bidder to acquire PCCU's financial planning business.

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Forex Industry Conference: An Insider's Look into the World's Largest Market

🕔11/2/2015 11:31:27 AM

Shift Forex invites you to the second annual Shanghai Forex Industry Conference (FXIC)! On December 8, 2015 influential FX leaders from around the world will come together to exchange ideas about the most important happenings in the forex market.

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Shift Forex Second Annual FXIC Shanghai Set for December 8, 2015

🕔10/26/2015 9:41:00 AM

Shift Forex announces its 2nd annual FXIC event in Shanghai. FXIC is a series of global events that brings together Forex leaders from around the world. FXIC Shanghai is the premier event for introducing brokers, solution providers, and money managers interested in joining the global FX and binary option market.

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MILLHOUSE, INC. PLC Contracts City One Securities For Global Capital Raisings

🕔5/7/2013 12:39:00 AM

Millhouse Inc. PLC recently appointed City One Securities of London as corporate adviser for the listing of its securities on the GXG Main Quote Platform on its markets in London and Copenhagen. It is intended that the company migrate its listing to the GXG Official List, a European Regulated Market.

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