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Gospel Artist Veronica Brown is making waves with her latest single "MOVE"

🕔4/16/2024 7:10:46 AM

Veronica Brown, a rising star in the gospel music industry, is making waves with her latest single "MOVE". Released just four weeks ago on March 21, 2024, the Afrobeat Mix has already caught the attention of radio stations across the country and around the world.

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Rest of Australia's Somerton Man Case Mystery Solved Using His Own Code As Deciphered in 2021, OKCIR Sociologist Reports

🕔4/16/2024 12:30:00 AM

In his new and updated 2024 OKCIR Report, titled "The Somerton Man Carl Webb's WWII Death Poems Staged in His Eternal Shadow-Show “Tamám Shud”: A Lasting J.

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12 Year Old Eula of Eula Banana Announces New Kids’ Crafting Product, Moulding Magic

🕔4/15/2024 10:00:00 PM

Eula Banana, a new venture started by ten-year-old, now 12-year-old, entrepreneur Eula, is thrilled to introduce its new website for the product Moulding Magic.

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"Emma Watson Song" creator bOydestiNy, announces release dates for his "Love is Forever" album

🕔4/15/2024 6:26:55 PM

bOydestiNy, the Philadelphia based musician, singer and rapper who came to world-wide attention with the release of his "Emma Watson Song" music video on YouTube back in April 2008 has announced that on April 15th, 2024, Emma Watson’s birthday, bOydestiNy fans will be able to pre-order his latest CD/album entitled “Love is Forever”.

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Penta Security, Selected as a Provider for AWS’ Startup Support Program, AWS Activate

🕔4/15/2024 12:00:00 PM

Penta Security, a leading cyber security company and provider of web application security in the Asia-Pacific region, has been selected as a provider for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) startup support program, AWS Activate.

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Must See Inside Look: Ryan Cruise Presents ‘Diary of a Recluse’ Vlog Series Scored with Latest Track ‘2 Seater’

🕔4/15/2024 6:22:16 AM

Ryan Cruise’s ‘Diary of a Recluse’ Vlog Series and latest contemporary R&B track ‘2 Seater’ Is shattering expectations, unveiling his unparalleled talent and unfiltered authenticity.

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Young Country Entertainer Alex Miller Honors His Grandpa With New EP, My Daddy's Dad, Available Now

🕔4/12/2024 1:04:08 PM

Young Country entertainer Alex Miller’s latest offering drops tomorrow with the release of his five-song EP, MY DADDY’S DAD (Billy Jam Records). Produced by Jerry Salley, the collection has been called “A solid set full of hits” by Country Music People Magazine.

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