Blockchain Chairman Warwick Powell Explains how the Blockchain Solves Supply Chain Problems

🕔10/9/2020 4:09:45 PM (CRYPTO:BEEF) chairman Warwick Powell explains in detail, how food provenance and supply chains can be linked with the blockchain, solving many problems associated with confidence in what we buy to eat.

Read Full Article Launches BeefLedger (CRYPTO:BEEF) Tokens on the GoldFund Exchange

🕔9/9/2020 11:45:29 AM (CRYPTO:GFUN) announces the launch of the BeefLedger (CRYPTO:BEEF) Tokens for trading on the GoldFund Exchange.

Read Full Article Launches MetaMorph (CRYPTO:METM) Tokens on the GoldFund Exchange

🕔9/8/2020 2:15:11 PM announces the launch of MetaMorph (CRYPTO:METM) Tokens on the GoldFund Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Read Full Article (CRYPTO:GFUN) Adds Morph Chat ERC 20 Crypto Wallet to Telegram

🕔9/7/2020 8:47:48 AM (CRYPTO:GFUN) has added the MetaMorph Telegram Wallet to allow instant transfer of the GoldFund ERC 20 Token to users on Telegram.

Read Full Article Announces Launch of 24K Gold Product to Collectors and Investors

🕔8/10/2020 10:54:20 AM Announces their new product launch of 24K Gold coins bearing a Boar's head logo and encapsulated in sealed credit card size packaging.

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Ellis Martin Interviews CEO Tim Mckinnon about the GoldFund Cryptocurrency

🕔6/15/2020 9:12:34 PM

Join Ellis Martin for a conversation with Tim McKinnon, the Chairman and CEO of GoldFund. You can now from the comfort and ease of your computer or mobile phone buy physical gold at a discount under spot value and have it stored in what is called a gold wallet in whatever dollar amount you are comfortable with.

Read Full Article (CRYPTO:GFUN) Launches Digital Cryptocurrency Exchange for Trading Gold

🕔4/8/2020 2:17:40 PM (CRYPTO:GFUN) has launched a digital cryptocurrency exchange to trade physical and digital gold.

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