Chairman's Address to Shareholders
Chairman's Address to Shareholders

Sydney, Nov 15, 2022 AEST (ABN Newswire) - SenterpriSYS Limited (NSX:SPS) recorded a net loss of $123,342 (2021 profit: $288,418). The Company has a negative working capital position of $215,030 (2021 positive: $212,243). Rainrose Pty Ltd has confirmed it will continue to support the Company and advance further funds during FY23 if required and has provided a letter of support to SenterpriSYS Limited.

FY22 Commentary

- Tamawood Limited is using all of the completed modules of Project DeRisk and as a result, amortisation over 10 years has commenced in FY22 for all completed modules.

- The new website is nearly completed and there will be a strong focus over the next six months in identifying pathways to growing builder enquiries and securing new customers.

FY23 Outlook

- SenterpriSYS will have the first version of its QANOTIX (Quality Assured Network Optimised Targeted Information Exchange) quality management system available and will be adapted for use in a number of industries. We have made progress with some core applications used by Advance ZincTek Limited and Tamawood Limed although, in some what a modified form.

- SenterpriSYS is looking at a potential secondary listing on an international exchange subject to achieving appropriate growth rate.

Please let me explain what our Project DeRisk System does.

- Industry leading consolidation, integration and functionality delivers increased Back Office and Supervisory Staff Productivity via the use of Take-off tools, estimate templates, automated order approval and by automated execution of repetitive clerical tasks.

- The structure of the login access to key documents on Project DeRisk Portals endure necessary documents are readily available to relevant stakeholders, are signed stored and delivered when required.

- Orders, claims, contract documentation, safety plans are automatically generated and posted from document library to, login controlled, Subcontractor, Supplier and Customer Portals.

- Project DeRisk can be Integrated with the Existing Accounting Software. Most screens can be easily converted to Familiar Terminology and Customary Construction Processes. Work from home and mobile devices are also supported.


- QANOTIX is designed to provide users with a set Modules and Tools allowing for multilevel information distribution and effective implementation of a Quality Assurance System and external certification of their business under ISO 9001:2015. The system is designed to capture, store, update and distribute information through the integration of coordinated databases in real time. The live information exchange creates feedback loops essential for the integrated QMS.

- Within the System Management Module there is an inbuilt information distribution system to enable internal and external stakeholders to take full advantage of QMS documentation while maintaining full control over what is shared with each group, including access levels linked to approved databases that can be assessed by management and internal and external auditors.

- Quality Management System Module provides users with a set of working templates using a customer friendly tree menu to assist companies in completing their QMS manual for ISO 9001:2015.

- The Operational Procedures Module facilitates the interaction with stakeholders, enables management to deal with customer issues, control and monitor business processes on a regular basis and ensures that the end output meets quality standards.

- Meeting Management component designed to combine multiple issues and related documents into a meeting agenda without the need to re-enter any of the data

- Number of Advance ZincTek Limited distributors have indicated some interest in QANOTIX.

Lev Mizikovsky

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Listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia.

Issue Code: SPS
Issue Name: SenterpriSYS Limited FPO
Issue Type: 01 - Ordinary
ISIN: AU0000036337
Industry:  Information Technology
Nominated Adviser: Geoff Acton
Listed Date: Tuesday, 5 February 2019


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