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Mantle Mining Corporation Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company’s principal activities are to acquire, explore, develop and mine gold, phosphate, coal and coal bed methane or other mineral resources. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008, the Company progressed a number of its exploration tenements from application through to drilling. This included an upgrade of 50% of its JORC compliant gold equivalent resource base at Granite Castle from Inferred into Measured and Indicated category status. The Company acquired an initial 87.5% interest, and subsequently consolidated the remaining 12.5% interest, in the Mt Mulligan Coal and Coal Bed Methane project in Queensland. Its wholly owned subsidiaries include Zulu Gold Pty Ltd, Trafford Coal Pty Ltd and Phantom Creek Uranium Pty Ltd. 



2011年10月17日亞洲活動報告:International Coal Limited (ASX:ICX)擴大South Blackall項目煤礦鑽探計劃

🕔10/17/2011 12:00:23 PM 9653

2011年10月17日亞洲活動報告:International Coal Limited (ASX:ICX)已擴大其全資擁有的昆士蘭South Blackall項目的鑽探計劃;Avanco Resources Limited (ASX:AVB)報告巴西Rio Verde銅礦項目的出色結果;Cardia Bioplastics Limited (ASX:CNN)已在馬來西亞獲頒BioNexus Status;Mantle Mining Corporation Limited(ASX:MNM)在維多利亞省的全資項目Bacchus Marsh煤礦項目實施的15個鑽孔的鑽探計劃目前已完成4個鑽孔;Seven Group Holdings (ASX:SVW)旗下的公司Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC)已取得一份為期多年的合同,為領先的4G無線通訊提供商vividwireless提供互聯網轉接和數據中心服務。


2010年11月25日澳洲股市:Comet Ridge (ASX:COI)獲昆士蘭加利利盆地煤層氣資源認證

🕔11/25/2010 1:30:00 PM 10584

2010年11月25日澳洲股市:Comet Ridge (ASX:COI)獲得了專業獨立評估機構頒發的資源認證;Energy Ventures Limited (ASX:EVE)在美國100%所有的Aurora鈾礦項目獲得了金剛石鑽探許可;Dragon Mining Limited (ASX:DRA)在芬蘭進行的金剛石鑽探項目已經完成;Mantle Mining Corporation Limited (ASX:MNM)收到了在北領地進行的磷酸鹽項目最新鑽探的所有結果。


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