New York, June 22, 2016 (Global Fashion Wire) - Creating fashion, culture and design for Kate Spade ...

Deborah Lloyd, Chief Creative Officer of Kate Spade New York, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Liz Bacelar on location at the Fashion, Culture and Design UNCONFERENCE in New York City.

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Episode 102: with Deborah Lloyd of Kate Spade

Conducting Storytelling

Lloyd discusses how her work involves touching everything the customer sees, compelling storytelling, and why she is like an orchestra conductor. How Kate Spade New York embraces tech and innovation, and the way the brand is very curios. Brand collaboration, understanding who is the Kate Spade New York customer, madcat muses, filtering through what's useful and gets attention, and the challenge of utilizing sexy tech without compromising a brand.

Change and the Creative Process

The ways 3D technology can eventually transform the retail experience beyond simply a store, "shopatainment", and being able to go one step further into the stories a brand wants to tell. Lloyd touches on overcoming hurdles to achieve creative vision, the recent surprise sale offered by Kate Spade New York, the disruption of the fashion industry, changes in fashion week, and how Kate Spade New York views influencers. And, why the brand's creative process is like a jigsaw puzzle and involves blank walls, and the appearance of Turmeric Yellow.

Collaboration, Conferences, and Career

Collaboration as a product development model, about authenticity, choosing collaborators wisely, making sure to not lose the brand in the collaboration, and how the creative process changes in collaboration. The growing impact of tech in the creative process, the trend of brands aiding the gifting process, Kate Spade New York's big story coming up about customization, on people being their own brand, and why conferences are important for getting exposure to different ways of thinking.

A segment of Off the Grid Questions reveals the teenage moment Lloyd decided to become a fashion designer, strategically cutting through the noise with menswear, and working in silence. Plus, advice about loving one's work.
Listen to the podcast:
Episode 102: Deborah Lloyd of Kate Spade - Turmeric Yellow

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