Wedgewood Investment Group LLC.

 Wedgewood Investment Group has developed a solid reputation of consistently delivering innovative solutions for middle-market and emerging growth public and private companies. Our trusted professionals specialize in a range of industries in the United States, Europe and Asia, including: Resources, Technology, Healthcare and Energy.

We offer a full range of investment banking and financing services as well as several innovative structured products, including:

- Debt Financing
- 5-10 year financing for projects GREATER than $50.0 million
- 3-5 year financing for projects LESS than $50.0 million
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Private Placements
- Corporate and Financial Advisory for all types of Structuring
- Corporate Restructuring

The principal partners have in excess of over 150 years of combined experience and work closely with a global team of consultants and associates in the numerous sectors which our firm specializes in. This assures our clients that they are obtaining the correct information on local political risk, customs and regulations, direct from the specific country where they may be considering or are conducting business in.



Wedgewood Investment Group LLC объявляет о вновь образованных союз с ABN Newswire Австралии для своих североамериканских и европейских вывозе

🕔4/26/2012 11:00:50 AM 24982

Wedgewood Investment Group LLC, в сочетании с европейским подразделением, Веджвуд связи, глобальной, многоплановым общественных и фирмы по связям с инвесторами сосредоточены в горнодобывающей промышленности, альтернативной энергетики, медицинского и технологического сектора, с гордостью объявляет о своем новом союзе с ABN Newswire и приветствует их их североамериканский дебют.

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