Emmerson Resources Limited



Emmerson Resources Limited (ASX:ERM) (OTCMKTS:EMMRF) is an ASX listed gold resource company that recently (July, 2014) secured a landmark Joint Venture agreement with Evolution Mining (ASX:EVN).

  • Has an aggressive exploration program and dominant position in the world class Tennant Creek Mineral Field.
  • Is applying new exploration concepts and technologies to unlock the next generation of gold and copper deposits.
  • Owns the only carbon-in-pulp gold plant in the region.
  • Has an experienced Board and Management team.

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2011년 10월24일 아시아 현장보고서: Fairstar Resources (ASX:FAS), Steeple Hill 철 프로젝트 개발 자금 3억 달러(A$) 확보

🕔10/24/2011 12:00:53 PM 8002

2011년 10월24일 아시아 현장보고서: Fairstar Resources Limited (ASX:FAS), 서호주 Steeple Hill 철 프로젝트 개발 자금 3억 달러(A$) 대출에 대한 조건부 승인 확보// Korab Resources Limited (ASX:KOR), 노던 테리토리주의 Batchelor 프로젝트에서 약 163m 규모의 황화광물 시추// Syndicated Metals Limited (ASX:SMD), 퀸즐랜드 북서부 Mount Remarkable 프로젝트내 Blue Star와 Green Zone 매장지의 초기 광물자원 추정치 발표// Emmerson Resources Limited (ASX:ERM), 노던테리토리주의 Gecko 및 Orlando 구리/금 매장지의 추정 및 예상 매장량을 구리 50,800톤과 금 70,000 온스로 발표

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  • Level 1, Suite 5, The Business Centre
    55 Salvado Road
    Subiaco WA 6008
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  • +61-8-9380-6885 
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  • www.emmersonresources.com.au

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