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Cleveland Mining Company ASX CDGCleveland Mining Company Ltd (ASX:CDG) is an Australian managed, ASX listed minerals company squarely focused on developing projects into mines. The company's management team have a track record for building successful projects from the ground up, providing Cleveland with the expertise to secure and build robust projects. Mining and production are underway at the Premier Gold Mine located in Crixas, in central Brazil. The company is also working to expand production developing the Lavra prospect, within the O Capitao Project, less than 10km away. Cleveland has a different approach to project selection with project economics driving target selection. Projects are chosen according to their likelihood of generating returns at the bottom of the economic cycle.


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2011년 3월18일 호주 시장보고서: Cleveland Mining (ASX:CDG), 칠레 금 프로젝트 신규인수

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2011년 호주 시장보고서: Cleveland Mining Company Limited (ASX:CDG), 칠레 중부 El Chapo de Canela 금 프로젝트 인수 의향서 체결// RMG Limited (ASX:RMG), Kamarga 아연 프로젝트 인수// Gold Road Resources Limited (ASX:GOR), 매장 자원 1백만 온스 초과// Coalworks Limited (ASX:CWK), Ferndale 석탄 프로젝트 시추 1단계 작업 완료

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