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Comet Ridge Limited (ASX:COI) has a 40% interest in the Mahalo Coal Seam Gas (CSG) project located in ATP 1191 in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. The Company is currently acting as agent for the Exploration Operator to manage work in the block. The Company also holds a 70% effective interest (consequent on the successful Farm-in of Vintage Energy Limited) in the Albany conventional gas project and 100% in the Gunn CSG project in the Galilee Basin (ATP 743, ATP 744 and ATP 1015). The Company also has CSG equity of 29.55%, 59.09% and 68.42% respectively in PEL 6, PEL 427 and PEL 428 in the Gunnedah Basin in New South Wales. Gas resources have been certified by independent professional certifiers at several projects, and gas reserves were certified in 2014 and expanded in 2015 and 2018 for the Mahalo project. The Company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code: COI) and is based in Brisbane. The Board and Management are experienced in establishing and developing energy projects. Comet Ridge's early entry into well-located exploration areas, has allowed shareholders to gain substantial leverage into the considerable upside value potential associated with exploration success.




2010年11月25日澳洲股市:Comet Ridge (ASX:COI)獲昆士蘭加利利盆地煤層氣資源認證

🕔11/25/2010 1:30:00 PM 10226

2010年11月25日澳洲股市:Comet Ridge (ASX:COI)獲得了專業獨立評估機構頒發的資源認證;Energy Ventures Limited (ASX:EVE)在美國100%所有的Aurora鈾礦項目獲得了金剛石鑽探許可;Dragon Mining Limited (ASX:DRA)在芬蘭進行的金剛石鑽探項目已經完成;Mantle Mining Corporation Limited (ASX:MNM)收到了在北領地進行的磷酸鹽項目最新鑽探的所有結果。


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