Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited


Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (JSE:HAR) (NYSE:HMY), a world-class gold mining and exploration company, has operations and assets in South Africa and Papua New Guinea (PNG). Harmony, which has more than 60 years’ experience in the industry, is the third largest gold producer in South Africa. Our assets include one open pit mine and several exploration tenements in PNG, as well as 9 underground mines and 1 open pit operation and several surface sources in South Africa. In addition, we own 50% of the significant Golpu project in a joint venture in PNG.

The company's primary stock exchange listing is on the JSE with a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The bulk of our shareholders are in South Africa and the United States. Additional information on the company is available on the corporate website, www.harmony.co.za




Kingsrose Mining Limited (ASX:KRM)回购权益金并重组贷款

🕔9/23/2010 1:45:47 PM 7504

Kingsrose Mining Limited (ASX:KRM)欣然宣布与Harmony Gold Mining Co Limited (NYSE:HMY)的全资子公司Aurora Gold Limited(下称“AGL”)达成了一份协议,撤回并终止AGL获取权益金的权利,按照1995年权益金协议,AGL有权在KRM持有85%股份的印尼苏门答腊Way Linggo金矿之金银生产中获得1.85%的净冶炼所得权益金(最高350万美元)。


市场概况- (纽约证券交易所-采矿业和能源业)

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