22nd World Aluminium Conference 2017

The CRU World Aluminium Conference focuses on the outlook for markets, prices and premiums. When the 2017 conference focusses on the issue of sustainability in the aluminium sector, it will focus on how environmental and economic strategies interact, the disruptive potential of these interactions and who the winners and losers will be. In spite of excellent demand fundamentals recent years have been characterised by low prices and massive changes to the supply side of the industry. There have been a variety reasons behind this. Market reforms, regulatory regimes and a huge expansion of the Chinese aluminium sector have been chief amongst them. This gruelling environment has brought the issue of sustainability to the fore. The sustainability of the current status quo and how sustainability as environmental concept can be used create differentiation and growth.


Location: London, UK

Start Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
End Date: Friday, May 5, 2017

Participating Companies
 Alumina Limited
 Century Aluminum Co
 CRU Group
 Goldman Sachs Group
 Macquarie Group Limited
 Marriott International, Inc.
 Norsk Hydro
 Rio Tinto Limited

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