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RCI Delegation Chair and NITA President Calvin Helin said that Canada's Aboriginal people own or control up to one-third of the natural resource rich Canadian land mass. "We have huge tracts of land that are rich in natural resources. Our lands are full of oil, full of diamonds, full of iron ore and ripe for responsible and sustainable development, but there is a need for infrastructure, capital investment and value-added expertise. We are here to tell China that Aboriginal Canada is open for business. We need to create mutually beneficial economic ties to lift the living standards of both Canada's poorest population (1.5 million Aboriginals) and China as a still-developing country. In doing so, I firmly believe Aboriginal Canadians can help unleash a new era of wealth creation that will not only benefit Canada's indigenous people but all of Canada." Helin is a proud member of the Lax Kw'alaams Band of the Tsimshian Nation. He wore the traditional red and black colours of his nation on a robe decorated with his family's crest at all official meetings with Chinese government and business leaders.

Chinese business leaders and officials regarded highly the fact that Aboriginal Canadians displayed their culture and spirituality at all business discussions and social gatherings. Grand Chief Morris Shannacappo, a new generation of leadership representing 36 indigenous communities from southern Manitoba, opened each presentation with an Eagle Feather and a somber traditional prayer. The prayer - recited in his native language - garnered great interest and respect from the Chinese leaders in attendance. Grand Chief Shannacappo said that "We have the utmost respect for ancient Chinese culture and civilization and we were so pleased that our sincere respect was genuinely reciprocated." Alex Nitsiza, respected elder and Chairman of Tlicho Investment Corp. said "We can sense history being made for great benefit of our future generations." The Tlicho Government owns the Tlicho Investment Corporation in the Northwest Territories. Its assets include "lock, stock and barrel" ownership of one of the most natural resource rich areas of land in Canada covering 39,000 square kilometers.

Jack Park, Director of Economic Development of the Manitoba Metis Federation said "There was an unquestionable natural affinity and kinship between the delegation and the hosts we met.

Chinese prize culture and tradition. They emphasize honourable dealings in relationships, respect for elders, treasure their young, follow long-established protocol and view things with a long-term perspective in a manner similar to indigenous people." Darrell Beaulieu, President and CEO, Denendeh Investment, Inc., a corporation from the Northwest Territories representing 27 communities, emphasized, "We have planted a seed with China that we hope to nurture, and will bear economic and cultural fruit well into future generations."

The immediate results of the trade mission featured the signing of several MOUs including one with the Provincial government of Shaanxi province following a very warm meeting in Xi'an with that province's Vice Governor and business leaders. Following a November 7th meeting, the Governor designated the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Economic and Technical Cooperation to sign an MOU with NITA and RCI to "work together to work together to explore mutually beneficial cooperation and investment opportunities of bettering the living standards of their respective populations and for the purpose of increasing economic cooperation, cultural understanding, mutual respect and friendships between the parties, their respective peoples and communities on various levels."

Also while in Xi'an, delegate company Terrasphere Systems executed a significant Letter of Intent with the Government of Shaanxi Province Investment Promotions Bureau, Yangling Agriculture Hi- Tech Industry Demonstration Zone Deputy Director Mr Ming Tao. "Terrasphere is a patentprotected environmentally friendly state-of-the-art agriculture production technology developed in Vancouver and Boston that will enable China to mass produce safe and clean 100% organic fruits and vegetables year-round with a 10 times per square foot ratio that of traditional greenhouse methods and without the use of pesticides;" explained Squamish Chief Gibby Jacob. Nick Brusatore, Chief Designer of Terrasphere's innovative technology commented "It's amazing to feel part of something historic afoot here." Terrasphere is a strategic partner of British Columbia's Squamish Nation near Whistler B.C.

Also while in China, the delegation participated at the 30th Anniversary meetings of Canada-China Business Council and a parallel mission by 4 Canadian premiers, the China Mining Expo and numerous private sector and government meetings arranged by RCI. They also were met by Canadian Ambassador Robert Wright and officials at the Embassy of Canada on November 12th.

The mission culminated in a private dinner reception at the historic Diaoyutai State Guest House Compound in Beijing on Nov. 12th. Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) President Mr. Chen Haosu (民 间 外 交 论 - 陈昊苏) hosted the delegation along with a cross section of high-level Chinese government and corporate leaders. Chen, Chinese Minister of Foreign Relations, offered to sponsor a major Aboriginal business and cultural delegation to follow-up in the new year and arranged to sign an MOU with NITA and RCI as part of the delegation's 3PM Nov. 13th press conference to be held at CPAFFC's office building near Tiananmen Square. The Canadian delegation also invited Chen to organize a Chinese business delegation to come to meet Aboriginals across Canada in mid 2009.

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples National Chief, Patrick Brazeau, emphasized the significant opportunity that the RCI Aboriginal Business Opportunity China trade mission offers Canada's Aboriginal community. "Canada's Aboriginal community is indeed open for business. The ties our peoples have been able to forge with potential economic partners in China through this trade mission are equally valuable to our respective trade efforts. We need to build on the momentum this mission has created. There's much opportunity for us to share our histories, our cultures and our economic opportunities. In a global economic environment fraught with challenge, we remain encouraged by the success of this trade mission. We're determined to strengthen our economic ties to the Chinese market, and we're thankful for the significant efforts the Government of China plus RCI and NITA applied to make this mission a success," said National Chief Brazeau.

Chief Councillor of the Lax Kw'alaams Band, John Helin commented "What we have accomplished on this trade mission is to set economic and cultural relations on the highest footing with our most gracious Chinese hosts. It is a historic and unprecedented event that could provide a better standard of living for our grandchildren. We need to honour the legacy or our ancestors and honourably follow up with our Chinese hosts on their pending reciprocal visit to Canada."

Chief Morley Googoo of Nova Scotia's Waycobah First Nation added, "As a result of this historic journey I believe the Chinese understand us much better and respect our culture. The feeling is mutual. I have been made to feel at home here and feel a special kinship that transcends generations. I will now return to my community to tell my elders about this other wonderful ancient land across the Bering Strait. We will help prepare a warm Atlantic Canada and traditional Whycocomagh (Míkmaq) welcome for our new Chinese brothers so hereafter we may continue this journey with respect for Mother Earth and together in the spirit of 'One People, One Dream."
RCI China Managing Director Fred Eden commented "RCI is extremely proud of its small role in introducing the Hidden Wolf to the Crouching Tiger." Echoing the sense of history and seeing obvious cultural affinity and ancient ties between the Chinese and Canada's Aboriginals, RCI Vice President Sean Riley observed, "Who knows, going forward, we may be paving the way for a heretofore unimagined Silk Road. Having sown the seeds to facilitate this undertaking, RCI is very privileged to be part of this journey as humble bridge builders."

The ground-breaking Aboriginal trade mission to China, an economic superpower, was a huge success. "We achieved the goals we set for the trade mission and much, much more," said RCI's Renaissance Capital Inc. President Sylvain Payette. "I believe when you go out of your way to meet people and foster goodwill, mutually beneficial things happen."

About RCI Capital Group Inc. (RCI):

RCI is the largest manager of investor immigrant capital in Canada. It has been in business since 1996 with John Park as its founding President and Managing director. RCI now has over 68 employees with offices throughout Canada and Asia. It currently manages approximately $1.6 billion in investment capital for over 4,600 high net worth investors who have entered Canada, the majority of them from China. RCI has extensive experience in doing business with China, and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The company has previously generously donated to the Shudokan Canada Karate and Education Society‐‐an initiative intended to help inner city (particularly Aboriginal) children and youth through training in martial arts and self‐discipline.

About Native Investment and Trade Association (NITA):

NITA is a non‐profit society founded in 1989 to promote economic self‐reliance and strengthen Aboriginal participation in the mainstream economy. To carry out this mandate, it has organized approximately 100 national events throughout its history, and promotes partnerships between Aboriginal and non‐Aboriginal business interests.

Sean Riley
President, NITA

Calvin Helin, 
1300-1030 West Georgia Street 
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6E 2Y3 

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Disaster can show how strong the Chinese people are! Over the past 5000 years the Chinese Nation has experienced numerous ordeals. However, China can still stand straight in the family of nations. The nation spirit of "United as One, Striking in the Same Boat" is the resounding soul of China after so many difficulties.

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake, magnitude 7.9 Mw, occurred at 14:28 on 12 May 2008. With devastating power it has affected many regions throughout China. May 12 was supposed to be a fine day, but disaster broke up the land of China and left thousands of Chinese people homeless. Mountains moved, mud and stone flew, transport and supplies ceased, communication was disrupted, houses collapsed and even more terrible is that thousands of men, women and children were buried in the chaos.

"I need love." We can feel the lament and call from the bottom of those fragile survivors clearly and closely.

The relationship and interdependance between people and enterprise is intrinsic at this time of great need.

40 million enterprises account for 99% of China's total and is the main driver behind China's economy. The growth of SMEs is consistent with the development of China's charitable endeavours. Confronted with such a huge catastrophe, our business leaders should stand out and exert their collective power to help the rebuilding of lives in the disaster stricken areas.

As the leading business portal website in China, Busytrade.com has accumulated a large amount of company sources in its 10 years development. We have established stable cooperation and relationships with the local enterprises and unions, and busytrade.com enjoys respect from among those 40 million enterprises.

Thousands of enterprises are now stretching out a helping hand to those affected by the recent earthquake. Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Charity Foundation and the global enterprises joint portal- Busytrade.com, appeal together to the 40 million small and medium enterprises and to all the kind-hearted to devote time and money to the rebuilding of the disaster areas affected by the earthquake.

Together with overseas enterprises and media, Busytrade.com also will publicize this proposal in different languages on our 8 global websites through our busytrade.com portal. We hope international enterprises will become involved in the rescue and rebuilding task and will reach out to these people in need.

Restricted by distance, the easiest way for enterprises to help is to donate money, however the disaster area is now in dire need of tents, quilts, food supplies, drinking water and medical aid. We sincerely hope that enterprises who can provide and produce such financial assistance, goods or supplies will respond positively and quickly.

Click here to directly support the earthquake victims:


Pray for them and please contribute, no matter how small the contribution is.

Red Cross Society of China
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Head Office of The Red Cross Society of China

Bank of RMB Account:
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Payee of the Donation via Post:

Address of the Head Office of the China Red Cross Society: 8, Beixin Qiao Santiao, Dongcheng District of Beijing. Zip code: 100007
Donation via internet:
Login http://www.redcross.org.cn and proced as instructed.
Shanghai Charity Foundation
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Telephone Contact Numbers Below.

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Woodside took out the "Safety Performance Award" and BHP Billiton Petroleum won the "Safety Innovation Award".

Toll Energy, Parker Drilling Company and Stena Drilling also won safety awards.

For the Safety Performance Award, companies with the best safety performance were short-listed and requested to submit an initiative undertaken by the company which has led to the greatest improvement in safety.

"From an outstanding field, this year's winner - Woodside Energy - took its aspiration of "no one gets hurt, no incidents" as the push behind a five year strategy, with 2007 being focussed on "getting the basics" right," Tim Wall, Managing Director of Apache Energy and Chair of the APPEA Environmental Affairs Committee, said when presenting the award.

"Woodside's strategic approach has been developed around three layers of protection to reduce the potential for major incidents - the three Ps: Plant, Process; and People," he said.

"The winner achieved a 16 % reduction in high potential incident frequency rate. A strong leadership focus, the improvement of 'Golden Safety Rules' and a serious commitment to working closely with contractors all contributed to Woodside's outstanding safety performance."

Mr Wall said the Safety Innovation Award - won by BHP Billiton Petroleum - was not judged on safety performance, but on the merits of a safety initiative undertaken in 2007.

"The Judges were particularly impressed by the industry wide and significant safety implications of this year's winning initiative.
"BHP Billiton undertook a review of the top safety risks and risk control effectiveness leading to it identifying an improvement opportunity for lifting risk - how best to ensure ongoing competency of current and new crane drivers.

"The identification and development of a common standard for training Offshore Crane Operators is a great safety initiative for our industry."

In the Safety Innovation Award, Mr Wall said the judges also wanted to make special mention of Woodside, and its work to establish a safe shipping fairway from Dampier to Glomar Shoal - again an initiative with significant industry wide implications that has reduced the risk of collision between vessels and offshore oil and gas facilities and the threat of security to assets.

In the APPEA Contractor Innovation Award, the winner was Toll Energy with what the judges said was a clearly demonstrated and practical safety initiative that developed the best solution to an identified safety problem.

The Toll Energy initiative was based eliminating the use of dogs (over centre lever binder) and handle extensions from lifting operations. The Company's strategy has led to the successful elimination of dogs in a number of key areas and ongoing plans eliminate their use across remaining activities.

The International Association of Drilling Contractors also presents awards to the members of the Australasian chapter for outstanding safety performance. The administration of the IADC safety award programme is carried out by Pricewaterhouse Coopers on a voluntary basis.

This year, there were five companies that did not have a lost time injury during operations in Australasia, including: Atwood Oceanics, Nabors Drilling International, Nabors Well Servicing, Stena Drilling and Transocean.

This year the Onshore Drilling Operations Award goes Parker Drilling Company which demonstrated consistent performance by winning the past four consecutive awards.

The Offshore Drilling Operations Award was taken out by Stena Drilling.

Mr Wall said that while APPEA each year recognises the outstanding efforts of member companies to improve their safety performance, "we must also recognise that last year we hurt 327 people during our operations and this is not acceptable".

"Dealing with the consequences of injuries can be traumatic not only for the injured but also for their work team, their family and friends. Ultimately, workplace injuries also affect the community acceptance of our industry," he said.

"The year 2007 was an outstanding year for APPEA in that we established a world first forum that brought together CEOs, leaders, workforce representatives, industry regulators and safety professionals to talk about safety and commit to improving the performance of the industry.

"As a result of the success of that Forum we have set a clear vision for our industry that 'In working together for safety no one is harmed" and have set a target to reduce injury rates in the industry by 25 per cent every year.

"I am pleased to also report that the industry recorded its lowest ever lost time injury frequency rate in 2007 with a rate of 1.1 LTI's per million hours. This is a reduction of over 26 per cent from the 2006 figures.

"APPEA and its members will continue to work together and share vital information on safety. The initiatives that were put forward for the Awards are just a small sample of the great work that is being done in the industry. We encourage you at every opportunity to ask questions and talk to each other about safety."

Tim Langmead 
TEL: +61 0421 584 990