First Sponsor to Promote Brand on BIG's Apple TV

Update on Apple TV Channel
Update on Apple TV Channel
Sydney, Dec 5, 2017 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Big Un Limited (ASX:BIG) (or 'the Company') is pleased to provide an update on the development of a dedicated Big Review TV channel available on Apple TV. The Company has agreed its first sponsorship agreement with Australian based small and medium enterprise (SME) cash flow management platform Finstro. The Company anticipates its Apple TV channel will be soft launched and available to the general public through the Apple store during December 2017. The channel will initially feature a catalogue of BIG's SME video content with sponsorship by Finstro.

Tom Whitworth, COO of Finstro said "Video marketing is the most effective way for all businesses to communicate with their customers. Our long standing partnership with BIG Review TV and Finstro's sponsorship of video content on BIG's Apple TV channel is an exciting opportunity for us to communicate this important message to our business customers whilst promoting our brand".

Disruptive Broadcasting of Video Content

By March quarter 2018, BIG's Apple channel will focus solely on specialist 10 minute review shows covering health, beauty, lifestyle and travel thus allowing the Company to leverage its relationships with large brand advertisers who are existing clients of BIG's subsidiaries BHA Media and Food and Beverage Media. These clients will be offered sponsorship and product placement inside the content of shows in a similar format to that used for British Airways and Marriott Hotels inside Wayfarer Travel shows.

Many traditional broadcasters still operate restrictive, legacy style commercial arrangements when purchasing and broadcasting TV content. BIG has a disruptive business model and owns its video content (which is already fully monetized by the company's SME pillar one subscription process). By developing the BIG Apple TV channel and populating it with entertaining, informative video content that is not tied to a traditional media model, BIG remains in control of its content, it's sponsors and importantly, its revenue. In this way, BIG will be able to offer both SMEs and consumers an authentic channel that better responds to the needs, interests and collaboration of its viewers. The Company will also be able to offer large international brands the ability to tightly target, monitor and engage its audiences.

Commenting on the decision to launch a BIG Apple TV Channel, Sonia Thurston Executive Director of Big Unimited said "Our Apple channel will offer our viewers the opportunity to interact and engage with the content they view. This is groundbreaking for both our viewers and our sponsors. We are experiencing high demand from traditional broadcasters and advertisers for our content, and since we own it, it makes commercial sense to make it available through our own independent video channels. Increasingly, video content is being consumed on mobile devices and this strategy also helps BIG to amplify our brand, our viewership and provide added value to our SME members and sponsors through the delivery of highly targeted video content en mass. Our ultimate aim is to make the BIG Apple TV channel a favorite destination for consumer facing infotainment ".

The BIG Apple TV channel will be supported by digital marketing campaigns to promote and attract consumers. Further brand amplification, viewer engagement and SME benefits will also be achieved through shows featuring a call to action for viewers to nominate their favorite places to appear in a review show using the Big Review TV mobile app, thus building viewer engagement, driving Big Review TV app downloads and user generated review content for SME's.

BIG's Social Media Video Review Platform
A Three-Pillar Business Model

BIG's business model is based upon three pillars which interconnect providing both a video and revenue ecosystem:

- Pillar One produces revenue via video subscription from SME's. BIG's proprietary technology and IP allows it to create high quality video at around 3% of traditional video production cost. The Company retain copyright of video content and licence its use to SME's for video marketing. Pillar One currently produces approximately 90% of the Company's revenue to date.

- Pillar Two re-purposes previously monetised Pillar One video content into shows and video and further monetises via sponsorship/advertising. Pillar One has produced over 30,000 videos and over 150TB (approx120,000 hours) of video content to date. Revenue from Pillar Two is anticipated to become a significant revenue stream and profit centre over the next 12 months as the Company supplies video content to traditional broadcasters, third party digital platforms and populates and monetises shows through its own platforms.

- Pillar Three curates BIG video content onto BIG's consumer facing platform and supplements professional content with sharable peer-generated content made via the Big Review TV mobile video app. The Big Review TV app and platform are undergoing IT upgrades and the app is due for official launch in early 2018. The Company anticipate providing further information to the market on its tech strategy in the near future. Monetisation opportunities from Pillar Three platform and app are from BIG data, provision of consumer analytics, advertising and sponsorship.

Pillar Two Content Strategy

BIG began to focus on Pillar Two of its business model in 2016 and to produce short form native video content in the shape of shows tailored from BIG's previously monetized Pillar One video content library. The format of BIG video show content is designed to appeal to Generation C and is suitable for viewing both on traditional TV screens and mobile devices. Amplification of viewership numbers from shows being broadcast by third parties or streamed through platforms like Apple TV significantly drive revenue opportunities.

The business benefits to BIG from re-purposing of content to produce online TV shows are:

1) Shows are attractive to SME's looking for increased marketing exposure through inclusion in review shows and BIG's higher end video subscription packages (B2C) with higher viewership numbers.

2) Shows are appealing to global brands seeking advertising/product placement and access to premium SME audiences (B2B & B2C)

3) Shows are suitable infotainment content for amplification on social media and third party platforms (B2C) including Facebook, Apple TV and Google Chromecast

Through a combination of the above benefits, BIG's review shows (using monetized, flexible content) also helps the Company to provide a barrier to entry to any competitors offering video technology/production for SME's, or platforms offering simple consumer generated video reviews.

Amplification Strategy

BIG shows are currently viewed on and through BIG's dedicated YouTube channel and are currently attracting over 2m views per month. The Company will further boost amplification of its content through the BIG Apple TV channel by marketing the channel to tightly targeted Apple TV users both in Australia and the USA. A marketing campaign is planned to promote the BIG brand on Apple TV in early 2018. E-Marketer July 2017 estimated that there are currently 21.3m users of Apple TV and 36.9m users of Google Chromecast in the United States alone.

Video Content is BIG

Brandon Evertz Co-Founder says, "We will provide further news to the market on sponsorship and advertising as we finalise negotiations. Our shows are now in high demand from potential sponsors and advertisers. Meantime, we are also experiencing a huge amount of interest from SMEs who would like to be considered for inclusion in our Apple TV shows and helping to drive Pillar One sales. Providing consumers with the option to view our content on Apple TV channels will obviously drive increased viewership of our content and thus further revenue from Pillar One and Two."


Finstro is a cash flow management solution aimed at small and medium enterprises. Finstro's vision is to put business owners back in control of their working capital. Finstro provides a complete cash flow management platform that takes control of customer and supplier payments, and provides innovative credit based solutions to help grow businesses.

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Big Un Ltd ASX BIGBig Un Ltd (ASX:BIG)  is the parent company of Big Review TV Ltd. Big Review TV are innovative disruptors in the online video space delivering subscription based video technology products and services. The Company has operations across Australia and in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vancouver and was listed on the ASX in December 2014.



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