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360Fashion Network Teams Up With University of New South Wales (UNSW) to Develop LED Wearable Technology

🕔10/11/2016 2:25:07 PM

360Fashion Network has teamed up with University of New South Wales (UNSW) to get forty UNSW Art and Design students thinking about design, battery placement and how light can become another element to create emotion in a product.

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Excelsior to Provide Liquidity to Diamond and Jewelry Industry

🕔8/16/2016 1:13:48 PM

Excelsior Capital Ventures (ECV) LLC, announced today that it will be making substantial liquidity available to the mid-stream diamond and jewelry industry. The New York based firm, founded by industry leader Nehal Modi, said it expects to begin lending operations on October 3, 2016 and will provide loans secured by diamond and precious metal inventories.

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Nora Levinson and Soyoung Park of Caeden - Form, Function, and Finding Balance

🕔8/10/2016 8:46:30 AM

In the latest episode from Fashion Is Your Business (FIYB), the world's top fashion and tech podcast, the team meet up with two of Caeden's top executives to discuss engaged living through technology and design.

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Alfred J Hemlock Delivers Stunning Tribute to Horror Genre

🕔8/9/2016 1:53:42 PM

What do you get when you mix a touch of German Expressionism, a nip of Stanley Kubrick, and a sprinkle of Tim Burton? Alfred J Hemlock is what! This enticing new horror/comedy bender from Director Edward Lyons is whetting the appetite of horror fans everywhere. With the trailer released early last week, the film has attracted praise for its originality and cheeky winks to the horror classics.

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$10,000 FBI Fashion Business Initiative Applications Now Open

🕔8/4/2016 3:11:12 PM

Applications for the $10,000 FBI Fashion Business Initiative are now open for 2016. The annual Fashion Business Initiative aims to assist FBI entrepreneurs in the growth and development of their Fashion Business. Whether it be a retail store, online publication or designer label - all types of Fashion businesses are eligible.

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Mounir Zok of the US Olympic Committee - The Secret Sauce of Sports Success - FIYB Podcast 130

🕔8/4/2016 10:10:28 AM

Mounir Zok (bio), Director of Technology and Innovation for The US Olympic Committee (Team USA), joins Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez and Nataliya Makulova at The 2016 Smithers Apex WEAR Conference in Boston, MA.

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FBI Fashion College Goes Global #FBIGlobal

🕔8/3/2016 5:02:39 PM

Travelling the world goes hand-in-hand with the Fashion industry. FBI Fashion College offers students unique international experiences early on in their journey, recently embarking to Paris with twenty Fashion students for a ten day study trip.

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